About me

I was born in Genoa in 1991. I grew up in Athens, Greece, in a multicultural European and Mediterranean context, in a fantastic country where, since the time of Homer, the West and the East meet on the banks of the Aegean. I attended the Italian School of Athens, along with many other students who came from all over Europe and beyond.

I am passionate about history and politics, although I believe that today politics must rediscover the values and concreteness of action. For this reason, I decided to study Political Science at the University of Genoa and to work hard on the study of politology and geopolitics.

During my university years, I had a good experience as a journalist at a local newspaper. In 2015 I accepted a challenge and went to work at a start-up in Mumbai, India. I was able to immerse myself in a culture very distant and different from ours. Rich in history and tradition, with a society that is experiencing profound changes. Studying a great emerging country like India has been a source of inspiration.
I have always been a convinced Europeanist. Since 2016, after the referendum on Brexit, I have been personally involved in the European Federalist Movement, a supranational European organization that promotes the reform of the European Union towards a democratic and federal subject, integrating the economies of the continent to combat the intergovernmental drift of the EU and give equal dignity to all citizens. In May 2017 I run as an independent candidate for the Genoa City Council. Campaigning among people was a very formative experience that allowed me to get to know the concrete problems of the city of Genoa. In addition, I learned on the ground how political activity takes place, its enormous potential but also the mistakes and limitations that afflict it.

I have been living in Madrid since August 2018. I study at the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid a Master in Geopolitics and Strategic Studies and work for an educational program of the Community of Madrid in a school of Aluche.